Banana Wafer STIX


The moment you try STIX, you know it will be your all-time favorite. With a single breath, this sweet and smooth banana wafer stix eliquid will have you wanting more. And that’s just the beginning. Take a deeper look into STIX and find out more.

Details Matter

Innovation isn’t always obvious, but look closer and you’ll find the eliquid experience improved. Each STIX package is a custom slimline box that includes two 30ml unicorn bottles, for a total of 60ml. Our designers placed thought into every detail of the vape experience and it shows.
About STIX Eliquid

65% VG / 35% PG

 Two 30ml Unicorn Bottles

 Easy to use with tanks or drippers


The STIX Experience


You’ll be amazed from the moment you open the box, to your last drop from our unicorn bottles. We’re proving that you don’t have to sacrifice value for quality. An awesome experience with affordable pricing.
STIX Eliquid